Schober Organ Notes No. 61


Except for the sad news below and an update or two, this issue consists mostly of ads. I hope to have a little more meat in the next issue. Hope you are all well. AK


It is with great sadness that I have to report that our friend Ray DeVault passed away on April 12, 2000. He had cancer for the last 15 years and developed heart problems just before Christmas 1999. He was buried Saturday April 15. The next day, Ray's wife's (Barbara's) mother died. A terrible double shock and tragedy for Barbara. For those members who are new and did not know Ray, he owned Devtronix, a firm that manufactured a very fine kit organ at the time of Schober's bankruptcy. He came to the rescue of Schober owners who had not purchased all necessary kits for a complete organ. He duplicated Schober circuit boards, and designed a superior tone generator/keying system that eliminated keying problems for Schober organs and made them available to "Schober Orphans". He was always ready to help and give advice. He had just done exactly that for me two weeks before his death. He will be greatly missed.


Peterson Register confirmed forwarding my inquiry to Vinyltech Co. about a small run of air pouches for the "Puff of Air" preset system. I never heard from Vinyltech. I asked about a run of about 1000. Figuring 100 per organ, that would have been enough for 10 organs. I guess it's just not enough for a company to bother with, but an answer would have been appreciated. Does anyone of you have any ideas? Does anyone know of a company that could manufacture small pneumatics? Making our own, though tedious, as per Chris Feiereisen's pattern and description (ON 60), might be the only way to get these presets working again.


Through the courtesy of our member Russ Kempa, I can now also provide BN 47, Percussion Hum Reduction Procedure PRCN-4 (Recital and Consolette II), in addition to those listed in ON 60. A SASE will get you any bulletin. The only exception is BN 46, it requires a 55 cent SASE and two extra stamps.


Information Wanted

Bill Kohrumel wants to make a CD of his organ with his computer. He has a Sound Blaster sound card and RW CD. Anyone know how to go about it? Could anyone write a "How To" for Organ Notes? Contact Bill,

Instructions Wanted

I am trying to get a copy of the instructions for a Multivox Rhythm Ace FR7H. I could probably get a hint or two from the instructions from another model. Please contact me. My address etc. is at the end of this newsletter.


Varistor, Schober part # 019101 which was a Type 432 BNR-35 Varistor made by the Globar Resistor Division of the Carborundum Co. is needed by Jon. Contact him at : If you don't have e-mail, contact me.


A TR-3D amplifier. Contact: Harold Whipps, Sr. 8551 Imperial Circle Palmetto, FL 34221 941-722-3091

For Sale

Consolette II, walnut finish, complete with reverb, LSS10-AC speaker, bench and documentation. Very good condition, $100. Contact: Mark Sutcliffe 40 Phelps Rd. Manchester, CT 06040-3210 860-647-7541


Schober Recital, with Reverbatape and an uninstalled preset system (tripper), documentation. In Tullahoma, TN (between Nashville and Chattanooga. Contact: Joe Kuhn 931-455-8796


Schober Theatre, with speaker and extras. Contact: Marge Schwartz Auburn CA 530-885-6907

For Sale

Schober Recital, theatre voiced. Leslie, Wersi reverb, two speakers, an AR-2 speaker. Contact: Joseph K. Dew La Habra, CA 562-691-2747


>From our Web Page, a Consolette II. Contact: Joey Dorrell-Canepa Carmel Valley, CA 831-659-1263

For Sale

Keyboards for Recital, in very good shape. $75 each plus shipping. Contact: Henry Vollenweider, Fernandina Beach, FL 904-261-7114


Free Driver

Controller card and EGA Monitor card (for older IBM type computer). Free for the postage. Contact Alex Kruedener (address at end of this newsletter).

For Sale

A nice furnished home in La Habra, CA, with a Schober theatre voiced Recital (if you buy the house before the organ is sold). Contact: Joseph K. Dew 562-691-2747

Please address all correspondence to: ALEX KRUEDENER, 161 East 89th Street, #4E, New York, NY 10128, Phone: (212) 831-0662. Email: