Schober Organ Notes No. 64


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I want to wish all of you a great, happy holiday season! I'm back in NY for the winter having spent a few months in Vermont. I have a lot of Schober material here, but what I have in Vermont is more complete. Some papers I transport back and forth. Some of this causes confusion, so I ask you all again, please let me know if I did not follow up on a request of any type, and at any time, if I don't respond within a couple of weeks, please contact me again. I'm all too glad to make copies, place ads, try and help with problems, but sometimes I forget something, so...


No one has objected to having his or her e-mail address and state they reside in put on a list that is available to anyone looking at our web page, so I will update our list. (See ON 63) If you do not want to be on this list, please advise ASAP.


For music during the holidays, try these effects. Sleigh Bells: 2' Piccolo, Tibia or Flute with vibrato and lots of reverb. Hold G flat and A flat in the highest octave with the 3rd and 4th fingers and trill F and G with thumb and 2nd finger. Play the melody with the left hand. Or, wedge a piece of cardboard between F, F flat and G while they are depressed, then you have both hands to play melody and chords. Music Box: 4' Tibia or Flute, Reverb, no vibrato. Play a single note melody an octave or two above middle C. Roll left hand chords. Add orchestra bells if you have percussion. The above is not of my invention, it's from materials that I have gathered. AK


Our member George Reim wrote to Fred Henn: "Right now, I'm having a bout with a new computer program called Music Write 2000. The damned thing prints everything note for note, no pauses, no held notes; just one note after the other. I tried loading the music into the keyboard bank and then feeding it to the computer; that did not work either. I bet I tried 50 times and cancelled each time. There has to be some way to get it to work. It's a real neat program. Maybe someone in the group has had some experience with it?" Can anyone help? George Reim


Fred Henn sent in a copy of an e-mail he received. "The June/July issue of Pipes and Personalities Online at: on the Theatre Organ Home Page is your complete resource for live Theatre Pipe Organ around the U.S. and Canada. All public venues are represented with schedules or projects-in-progress. Phone numbers are given in most cases for you to check for late changes."


Fred Henn writes that he found a book "Electronic Projects for Musicians" by Craig Anderton (1980) which is full of circuits that might be useful to members of our group. He has a record of the sounds that these circuits produce and will gladly make a copy of that record for the cost of a cassette and postage. He could then make a copy of the circuit diagram that you are interested in. Fred also says that he has a batch of circuits in his collection of electronic magazines. If anyone is interested in anything, he will make a copy for you. Fred Henn 230 N. French Rd. Amherst, NY 14228 716-691-9495


Member Richard McBeth will make a copy of "Jim Ramsey Plays the Schober Theatre Organ" for anyone who wants it for the cost of a cassette and postage.


Does anyone have a copy of any of the following:

BN 017 PRCN-3 Noise in Repeating Voices.
BN 018 PRCN-3 Unreliable Striking,
BN 028 Relieving Tape Thump (RV-3)?

I do not have these for our "Library" and would sincerely appreciate a copy. If you have no way to make a copy, please send me the original, I will make a copy and return the original to you. AK


One of our new members, Bart Lederman, just transported a Recital from Pennsylvania to New Hampshire. He writes that a Recital will just fit in a Ford Explorer, at least a 1992 model. He describes how he did it in detail. If you want those details, send me a SASE. AK



Schober Recital FOR SALE. Make offer. Organ is complete (all parts are there, including Reverbatape), but construction was not finished. Pickup in Rochester, NY area. (Will not ship). For more information, e-mail preferred: Paul Norder 75 Carverdale Dr. Rochester, NY 14618 716-244-8179


A custom built Schober Recital with beautiful console and Leslie needs a new home. The organ currently resides in Philadelphia, PA. Please contact Marie, from December 1 to 29 at 610-543-6512 or after that at 425-347-2790, also after the 29th of December, e-mail:

Partial Recital

A partially completed Recital is available FOR THE REMOVAL. It is missing the final assembly kit and it has no keyboards. Pedals are complete. It is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Contact Alyn Thomas 317-251-6935 or e-mail him at:


Your story. Can you write up a little "portrait" of yourself? How you got interested in organs, how you built or got your Schober, etc.? Also wanted: Ideas for articles, questions, photos for publishing in Organ Notes. AK


Don Cossack Chorus

Does anyone have any old recordings of the Don Cossack Chorus that they no longer want? Please contact me. AK

Old Radio Tube George Reim is looking for a 6A8 radio tube. Can anyone help him?

Books For Sale

Electronic Musical Instruments (2nd Edition) by Richard H. Dorf, hard cover $15. The Art of Organ-Building, Vol. 2, by George Ashdown Audsley, hard cover $22. Both plus shipping. Contact: Alexander Kruedener (address at end of this issue).

Parts and Copies Policy

I regret that from now on I will have to ask for shipping and copying costs in advance of sending out items. AK

Subscription Policy

For every 6 issues of Organ Notes that you wish to receive for U.S. mailing, please send me 6 large (#10) SASE's and 2 extra First Class Mail stamps. If you cannot send SASE's, send $3 for 6 issues. For Canadian mailings,please send 6 large (#10) self addressed envelopes and $5.00 (U.S.); $5.30 if you cannot send self-addressed envelopes. Address stickers save me time. (I will enclose a note with your last "paid for" issue). AK

Alexander Kruedener, 161 East 89 Street, Apt. 4E, New York, NY 10128, (212) 831-0662.