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Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to all of you!

Now a little news from me. I spent the summer and autumn in Vermont trying to get things that needed attention done. Had many delays to doing what I had planned due to severe storms and downed trees that did damage. When I was about to return to NY, I copied all my computer notes and e-mail to several discs so that I would have all the information for my NY computer. Well, unfortunately I cannot read any of the discs on the NY computer, so again I am missing some information. Fortunately I had the photos that Warren Jones sent me of his Reverbatape conversion, so the promised article on the Reverbatape is in this issue. The article about Jim Ramsey will have to be delayed again. I have to find a way to force my computer here to read my A-drive even though A:\ is not accessible. The floppy disc controller reported an error that is not recognized by the floppy disc driver". Does anyone have any suggestions? If I missed placing an ad or forgot anything else due to my computer problem, please get in touch with me. AK

Bill Kohrumel

Bill joined our group way before I even heard of it. Fred Henn helped Bill when he had problems with his Theatre Schober. When Bill saw Organ Notes for the first time it was basically typed pages. Bill had a new computer and the know-how of word processing. He set up a template and made Organ Notes into the fine looking version of today. Unfortunately Bill is not quite feeling up to continuing with his hard work for us, so he will not be formatting Organ Notes any more. I want to take this opportunity to thank him again for the years of help he has given our group. So, Thank You Bill!  AK

George Hoye

George is a great friend of mine. He is very busy with work and other activities; however, he has kindly agreed to format Organ Notes as of this issue. So, welcome George!  AK

Reverbatape Adaptation, Warren Jones Version.

Photo 1 (attached) shows how Warren adapted an 8 track tape cartridge to replace the 19" loop used by Schober. By the way, Schober started off with an endless loop cartridge, but for whatever reason changed to the short 19" loop. He describes what he did:
  "I changed the endless tape loop on the RV-3 Reverbatape to the 8-track cartridge as suggested by Nolan Payne in Organ Note 32. * I found this to be fairly simple to do and works much better than the original tape with less background noise from the tape and no splice slap. There is some noise from the plastic spool turning on the aluminum tension arm post which had to be reduced a few thousands in diameter to turn freely. I believe using a nylon post of the proper diameter could reduce this noise. I might make this modification the next time if I have to replace the 8 track tape. I did put a 1/4 inch diameter nylon bushing at the lower motor the felt pad and leaf spring from the tape cartridge at mountscrew for the tape to run against and used the upper motor mount screw to keep the tape rewinding on the spool correctly. Also cut the spool diameter down to keep everything inside the cover. Pictures are attached but detail is not very good.

Reverbatape Adaptation, My Version.

Photo 2 (attached) shows the tape and reel installed in the Reverbatape unit after removal from an 8 track cartridge. The original tubular tension arm spacer and the original tension arm post was retained. A 11/16" flat washer is placed on top of the spacer. (See DIAGRAM 1). The tape reel then fits on the tension arm post and is held about 3/8" above the chassis. I cut the 8 track cassette cover to about the size of the reel, it holds the tape so that it winds onto the reel properly (the cover is scale in DIAGRAM 1). The cover is notched (see A in PHOTO 3) for the center screw that holds the plastic to the metal frame of the Reverbatape cover to engage and prevent rotation. The lower part of the Reverbatape cover has to be bent downward somewhat to clear the reel and must be installed to hold the tape reel, etc. , in place. I made a tape guide by placing a 1 1/4" screw in the lower motor mount (see B in PHOTO 3). From top to bottom it holds a plastic washer, 1/4" tubular spacer, a plastic washer, a nut, and at the bottom another nut, and lastly a metal washer. The height of the guide can be adjusted by turning the screw in or out. After adjustment, the lower nut can be tightened downward to lock the adjustment. Make sure that the plastic spool turns freely on the tension arm post. I have run the unit for hours and had no problems. *See ON 78, 79 and 81. AK

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Help Wanted in MO

Rod Campbell is restoring his dad's Theatre Organ. He would like to communicate with someone in his area who might be willing to share repair experiences, or someone who works on Schober Organs. Email him: Robhouse41@aol. com or drop a note to 1601 Canton Drive, Columbia MO 65203

Schober Recital For Sale

In Cannon Falls MN, a Schober Recital with combination action, reverberation system. Contact Dick Hillmann, Phone: 507 263- 8228

Schober Theatre For Sale In Cannon Falls MN

Theatre Schober with "puff of air" presets, percussions, reverberation system. Some rebuilding has been done on this organ. Contact Dick Hillmann, Phone: 507 263 8228

32 Note Pedal KIT

In Cannon Falls, MN. A 32 note pedal KIT. Still in boxes. Believed to be missing only the sandpaper. Contact Dick Hillmann, Phone: 507 2638228

Schober Consolette II Available

A beautifully working Schober Consolette II. Contact Richard Thompson, 403 E. Smith Street, Bay City, MI 48706, Phone:


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