Schober Organ Notes No. 90

April/May 2005

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As you see, I'm not quite on time with O.N. again, but I'm getting closer. Hope you are all having a great spring.


Next months ON issue 91 will mark the 15th anniversary of our publication! I originally planned to publish a copy of issue #1, July 1990 along with #91, but since that issue will have several pages, I am attaching issue #1 to this issue. Memories! (Only attached to the printed version, not the e-mail version of ON)


Dear fellow theatre organ affectionados, Here I divulge what may be the best kept secret in ATOS, namely that the extravaganza called "Meet Me in St. Louis" is an absolutely "not to be missed" event. The host, the St. Louis Theatre Organ Society chapter, is so friendly and helpful that the mood transfers to the attendees as well.

This is (so far) a small event, maybe a little over one bus full. If you fly in, they will send a member to the airport to pick you up and will take you back to the airport, saving you a $65 cab ride each way. The hotel offers just about everything you might want in hotel except a little refrigerator in the room. There is free a continental breakfast, and free parking for those who have cars there, included in the very low rates. This year the cost per night for one person in a room was $64.34 including tax. There is a good restaurant there, and a gift shop/book store.

The optional pre-glow included a tour of the Wicks Organ factory, and a concert by the world famous "first lady of the organ" Diane Bish playing the Diane Bish Signature Series Renaissance Organ by Allen Organ Co. The main event included a concert by Stan Kann at the Fabulous St. Louis Fox, a concert by Kay MacAbee at the Lincoln Theatre in Belleville, IL and several other artists in various venues and three banquets. Seventeen year old Mark Herman, an ATOS young organists competition winner, and Juan Corona Jr., played an Allen GW 3 at the banquets. They are both terrific. There were three visits to homes with theatre organs, two of them pipe organs, and Jack Moelmann's pipe and electronic setup. The weather was good the whole time. They will do it again next year at about this same time, so you can get the information about it then from a link on the ATOS web site or look for an ad for it in Theatre Organ Journal then. Best regards, Jack


Mr. Kruedener, I was one of those lads who thought that a Schober would be "just the thing" at age 14, entering into private high-school. This was a turbulent time (1972) and a lot of things changed in my life over the next 4-6 years...putting me into a career path that led to being a full-time musician (though not for another 10 full years), two marriages (and resultant divorces), and more. But, all the while, I kept my hand-in at the idea of having a home organ.

It's now 33 years later. I'm happily married (3rd time-charmer), own a production company and perform nationally as one of the Blues Brothers in the tribute "Briefcase Blues" ( ) - and have reclaimed some the time that was my own in younger days; while other still seek to recapture "lost youth", I never let mine get away! My house is filled with toys (Mattel, Ideal, Marx, Remco and the like -ViewMaster slides and more - and daughter's 21 years old, and doesn't live with me!). On a lark I looked up Schober and found the Orphan's site. Anyway, I'm going to be digitizing some audio from video in the next couple of weeks, and will also be digitizing some old 33 1/3 LP albums as well - especially those particular ones that could not be found elsewhere. I have the Schober Demonstration LP from about 1972; if anyone is interested in MP3s of that album (or a recorded copy of the whole presentation!), please let me know. If nothing else some Orphan members might like to have these sounds, or perhaps even a copy of the album jacket. Then again, many of your group may already have that album...

It was fun to write to you, and remember. My best to all who hear and are moved by the sounds of the mightiest of instruments. Thank you for helping keep the name Schober visible in an ever-changing world. Let me know you got this, and of any interest in that recording. Regards, J. Leggio E-mail: Dallas TX USA


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Help Needed

Marylin Bruce gave her late husband's Recital Schober to a friend. It seems that the move caused some troubles to appear. She needs help in fixing what seem to me to be minor problems. If you are in the area of Sebastopol (50 miles north of San Francisco) she would appreciate your help. Email: Phone: 707 823 5655

Help Needed

David Lashof in Maryland near Washington DC has a Recital with problems. He is looking for a repair person or one of our members to help him get it into good order. If you know of someone or if you can help, please contact him. Email:, Phone: 240 338 2947

Theatre Schober

Theatre Schober available to a good home. Located in the Seattle, WA area. Help in determining it's condition would also be appreciated even if you are not interested in taking the organ. Contact: Chris Legeros E-mail: Phone: home 206-364-1706, work 206-728-8319

Percussion Kit

A percussion kit for a Recital Schober is available to a good home for packing/shipping charges. Contact: Ken Talley (Cookeville, TN) Email: Phone: 931 528 9095

Theatre Schober

A Theatre Schober with Rezounder and possibly Devtronix Tone Generators is available to a good home in Fort Wayne, IN. Contact: David Van Sandt Email:

Wanted: Hammond B-3:

David Van Sandt in Fort Wayne, IN is looking for a Hammond B-3. Contact him at Email:

Concert Schober

A Concert Schober (tube model) is available for free, in Newark, Delaware (12 miles from Wilmington), for parts or to fix. Contact: Charlie Jones Email:

Theatre Schober

A Theatre Schober with Reverb, spare parts, an Organ Tester and possibly other extras is available in Phoenix, Arizona. Contact: Michele McClure Email: Phone: 602-956-2641

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