Schober Organ Notes No. 94

December 2005

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A belated 'Happy Holidays' to everyone. I'm back in New York, having left Vermont because the weather made it impossible to continue working on my house addition. The next issue of ON will be out in a few weeks and Harry Valentine has sent some more great material for that issue.

Remembering the Ramsey's

A compilation of several e-mails from Jean Schwinn who contacted me trying to find Laura Ramsey.

Dear Mr. Kruedener,

Thank you so very much for responding to my e-mail. Yes, it is sad news to hear about Laura. She is now with Jim, he was the love of her life. Jim was a very good friend of my late husband's and myself. I remember when he passed away, riding on the bus going home from work. I was also a friend of his wife, Laura, and lost contact with her after Jim died. I have been trying to find her for a very long time now.

My name at that time was Jean Partridge and my husband's name was Chris. Chris passed away 32 years ago and Jim about a year or two afterwards. Jim and Laura were older than me. Laura was 3 years older and Jim ... ha ha ha. He would never tell us his age. I know that Jim was older than Chris and Chris was 9 years older than me.

I don't know if you knew Laura and Jim personally, but they were wonderful people. You don't find many like them on this earth. That's for sure. I wish I were able to find her sooner. I'm thankful that I knew her and Jim and that they were a part of my life.

Did you know that Jim started as a DJ in Chicago? When he came to New York he worked in Manhattan for Schober. On Christmas and New Year's Eve he would open the doors to their home in New Jersey and play that Organ for the whole neighborhood. I must look for the records he made for us of his playing.

Laura was such a lady. Always so proper and funny at the same time. I know that she worked for Capt. Kangaroo at one time. I remember when Laura had a mastectomy and that must have been 34 years ago. We went to see her in the hospital -- it was on Second Avenue I believe. Since you live in NYC you must know the one that I mean. She was as chipper as can be. No poor me's, not with Laura. The only time I ever saw Laura cry was when she lost Jim.

One Easter Sunday we had them for dinner and when they arrived there were just a few snow flurries coming down. By the time they were ready to leave to go home, their car was hidden in the snow. They stayed overnight and then took public transportation to go to work in Manhattan. Came back after work and we dug their car out for them.

Yes, I still live in the boro's. Lived in Astoria when I met Laura and Jim. After Chris died I worked in the Twin Towers when they first were built. 103rd floor. Imagine. Oh my. I remarried and now live in Bellerose, Queens. Once again I'm a widow. Laura has been on my mind for quite some time now and I wanted to renew our friendship. Yes, sad news but so many wonderful memories.

Wish there was more I could tell you. Once again. Thank you very much for your e-mail.

Sincerely, Jean Schwinn (See also ON84 April 2004)

Consolette to Wurlitzer Theater Organ ... by Richard McBeth

Well, I have completed the design, construction and basic programming of the circuits necessary to interface my organ to the Wurlitzer (Model #216 -1937) Theatre Virtual Organ (MIDITZER by Jim Henry)). My next step is to gut the old Schober circuits and connect the new circuits to the keyboards. The whole thing (less the PC) fits in about half a shoe box.

It works as follows: (see diagram 1, pg. 3) Reference:

Sure, why not! With the availability of the MIDITZER on the web at, I am in the process of converting my Schober Consolette II to a virtual Wurlitzer Theater Organ with all its bells and whistles. The only parts left of the good old Schober are the keyboards, pedals, swell shoe and the console.

The MIDITZER is a PC application code that may be downloaded free from the WEB. Designed by Jim Henry it allows anyone with a PC, good sound system and a (2 preferred) midi keyboard to enjoy the sounds of the Wurlitzer Theatre Organ. (1925, Style 216) My compliments to Mr. Henry for really superb software with great Wurlitzer Theatre Organ sound. Using the keyboard scan circuit designed by Peter Stark (fellow orphan), I have put together the circuits necessary to accomplish this conversion.

Please see the MIDI CONTROL Block Diagram [pg. 4] which shows how the whole thing goes together. The entire system has been designed, constructed, programmed and tested. My next step is to assemble it in my Consolette console. A future article will provide pictures of the circuit boards and more detail of the system. Richard R. McBeth

An Interesting Link

[The block diagram and some more information published in our printed version is available for one stamp and a SASE. Send it to me at the address below. Alexander Kruedener]


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RECITAL Schober for Sale

I have to move and have no room for my Recital Organ that I built. The console is my design and the bench has flared side legs to provide better stability for the player. The console is African Ribbon Striped Mahogony and is in excellent condition. It has percussion, reverb, presets (mech, I think) and a Leslie rotating speaker that adds to the reverb. The electolytics need changing. I also have the strobe tuner. The amplifier is wall mounted and will stay with the house sale. I have no room in my new house and am looking for someone who has interest in this fine instrument. Please pass the word if you know of anyone. Norm Philipp, 16 Sandalwood Dr., East Brunswick, NJ 08816, Telephone: 732-257-2153,

CONSOLETTE Schober for Sale

Two full manuals and one pedal octave. Includes percussion board, power amp. and HD built-in speaker. Needs repair. Must be picked up in Columbus GA. $200. David Slonaker, 2010 Central Church Rd, Midland, GA 31820, Telephone 706-569-6105,

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