Schober Organ Notes No. 98 and 99

August to November 2006

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This is a combined issue. It will only count as one issue as far as your subscription/SASE count is concerned. I have to catch up with so much that I just could not write any article and there are not too many ads either. There is a great organ available for free in our ads. It is the second time this ad is being placed and the end of this organ is coming, so please tell your friends that this organ is available if you don't want it for yourself. We have to try and save as many Schobers as possible! I hope you all had a great summer.


A little article by Allan Kiisk in Organ Notes 97 showed that electrolytic capacitors have the ability to "fix" themselves. Well, at least one of our members proved this. Below is a letter from member Martha Stroshine: Thank you for your letters of interest. The last one I received [ON 97] has a story of an organ that sat unused for quite some time. The owner turned the organ on and left it on for some time. Turned it off, and returned it on. Wa La, the organ came back to life. I tried this with my Recital organ the church gave me. After three days and three nights, the switches being turned off and on, my son in law hooked up speakers and for the first time we got to hear its beautiful music. Excellent tone. I really enjoy your letters. Sincerely, Martha E. Stroshine


I just came across the Web site for the Schober Orphans which was of some interest to me as a builder/owner of a Schober Recital. I thought I would make contact with you to let you know of at least one more Schober owner. I built our Recital starting about 1970 or so. It is still basically in good shape and is my home practice instrument. It has the Combination Action but I stopped using the Reverbatape years ago because of the "thump" that happened every time the splice went over the playback heads. However, I replaced it with a Rezounder unit from Devtronix. (I think that is where it came from.) I have wondered what would happen if something started to fail in the instrument since parts were unlikely to be available, but it appears that there may be some hope, based on the brief browsing I have done on the Web site. Nice to know you are around. Edwin S. Russell Sunnyvale, California


1. Check out 17 sound effects for the Theatre Organ, such as a Kiss, a Snore, a Dog Bark, etc. at
2. Miditzer 216 (Virtual Organ) recordings for your listening pleasure at:
3. WEB site for a Digital Toy Counter for a Theatre Organ Listen to the sounds.

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Here is a letter from a Schober owner, can you help or suggest a repair person?

My brother built a Schober theatre organ in the 1970's. He passed away seven years ago and the organ has not been used since. Prior to his death, he had been working on the organ but I do not know what for. My Mother has entered a nursing home, so I am liquidating her estate, which includes the organ. I want to donate it to our church for use in the chapel, but the local organ store's tech is scared to work on the organ, even with the original plans and notes in my brother's handwriting. He contends the organ has no value since it is from a kit and a company no longer in business. His organ is in much better condition than what I saw in his shop for repair. [He was working on one that had tubes.] Do you have any suggestions for finding someone to do this work in north Georgia. The organ is in Rome, GA., but the intent is to donate it to a church in Athens, GA. Any advice would be welcomed. James Perry


Consolette II Schober With speaker. The wood is in excellent condition; however, I can't get it to produce any sound. I live in Colorado and would be willing to deliver it if it's not too far. Contact: Duane Roosa Phone: 970-669-7988 Email:


Recital Schober IN KIT FORM This Recital is complete and still in kit form. Pay only for shipping. (Or pick it up) In Benbrook Texas. Contact: John Walcott Benbrook Texas Phone: 817-249-5879 Email:

For Sale

Another Recital still in KIT FORM. In Freeport, Long Island, NY 11520 Contact Pete Phone: 516-378-2413, after 6:30 p.m. east coast time. I'm in Freeport, Long Island, NY 11520 Email:


Beautiful Recital with faux pipes. It is coming close to being disposed of because Don has to move. The ad below was in ON96 along with photos.


Free to a good home. Located in Sussex County, NJ, near Rt15 and Rt23. Must be picked up after house is sold. Don Pagdin writes: "The cabinetry is redwood (from former beer vats at Schlitz) and it is a beautiful piece of furniture. It needs a little TLC -- the plastic tabs are getting delicate, the preset changer needs adjustment." Contact: Don Telephone: 973-875-6630 Email:

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