Issues debated in the Letters to the Editor

In the course of writing letters to the editor of the local newspaper in Westchester, a kind of debate took place with Israel's supporters in the county on very specific issues. Letters dealing with the same issue are grouped together for easy access.

1. A just peace or just any peace: The contention is that Israel is interested in peace as long as it is not based on justice. What Israel's suppporters have said in their letters and quotations from Zionists prove that point. See letters.

2. Anti-Semitism label: This is a classic trick used by Israel's supporters to silence any criticism of Israel in the media. Bigotry is a related accusation used against those who can argue that the anti-Semitism label does not apply to them if they themselves are Semite. Self-hating Jew is another label used against Jews who criticize Israel. People are neatly categorized to facilitate smearing them. See letters.

3. Democracy Israeli style: The debate here is about: (a) the notions of citizenship vs. nationality in Israeli thinking and the difference between them; (b) the fact that Jewish citizens of Israel are "more equal than others"; and (c) whether a Jewish state can be a democratic state. See letters.

4. Israel's internal contradictions: Is Judaism just a religion? Is Israel the expression of an ethnic-national will? Is being Jewish like being French or American? These are the questions posed and Israel and its supporters have a hard time reconciling the modern notions of nation and nationality, as understood in international law, with their desire of inserting the ethnicity aspect, which opens the door to the notion of extraterritoriality. See letters.