7. Israel, indeed, a useless ally

Not only is Israel a useless ally (Medhat Credi's letter of Aug. 20 [5]), but also a treacherous one--an ally that didn't find it immoral to steal, during the 1960s, nuclear fusion material from a plant in Apollo, Pa., through an Israeli-American dual national with U.S. top secret clearance.

Edward Gewirtz contends in his letter of August 31 [6] that "if not for Israel's bombing of an Iraqi nuclear reactor... our troops would be facing a Saddam Hussein with an atom bomb." In fact, if not for Israel's introducing nuclear weapons in the Middle East, other countries in the area wouldn't have sought to acquire nuclear capabilities.

All what Israel's bombing of the Iraqi nuclear reactor did is to make Saddam Hussein actively seek to acquire chemical weapons, which is cheaper and easier. Thanks to Israel our troops are facing a Saddam Hussein with chemical weapons.

September 10, 1990