11. Please clarify

I would like to take exception to the title Incident in Israel your gave to my letter (Catholic New York, May 17 [10]). The two incidents I referred to, the one in the Christian quarter of East Jerusalem and the other in the Arab West Bank town of Nablus did not happen in Israel but in the Israeli occupied territories. The fact that Israel has annexed East Jerusalem but has not yet annexed, at least formally, the West Bank, in order not to alter what the Israeli call the "Jewish character" of the state, should tell us more about the exclusion of the other, the non-Jew, the Gentile, the Goyim, which is, among other things, another aspect of the non-separation of church and state in Israel.

To my knowledge, neither the U.S. nor the Vatican recognized any annexation of Arab land by Israel. Therefore, the title should read Incidents in the Israeli occupied territories.

May 31, 1990