[17. Only Jews are free to live anywhere in Israel


If Rabbi Serels (July 12 letter) sees in the criticism of Israel by Mr. Wickham an insult to "the entire Jewish community of Westchester" one can also argue that a criticism of Iran or Saudi Arabia is an insult to Islam. Luckily for Christians, there are no Christian sates that I know of. By the way, any state that calls itself Jewish, Christian or Islamic cannot be a democratic state. Democracy cannot be qualified. Prof. Smooha of the University of Haifa described Israel as "a second rate democracy ... the state is officially of Jews and for Jews, and hence is not supposed to serve Jews and non-Jews as equals." Prof. Shahak of the Hebrew University went further when he said that "the most important factor in Israel politics is Jewish chauvinism, similar in nature to anti-Semitism and other forms of racism."

"No one has the right to restrict where Jews can live. That tactic is reminiscent of Hitler and other racists who would segregate people" said Rabbi Serels. Does anyone have the right to restrict where Christians and Muslims can live? How would the Rabbi characterize the "tactic" of the Israeli Supreme Court which blocked in 1974 a Muslim family from moving into the Jewish quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem? He maintained that "Jews should be free to live anywhere, just as other people are", the irony is that in Israel other people, that is non-Jews, are not free to live anywhere, dixit the Israeli Supreme Court.

July 14, 1990]