22. Don't believe Arab propaganda

Medhat Credi (April 17 letter [21]) expresses another lie of Arab propaganda. The truth is that Israel grants citizenship to all refugees (as evidenced by the Vietnamese boat people and the flood of Jewish immigrants and their non-Jewish spouses from Ethiopia, the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, South America and elsewhere). Any immigrant, of any religion, must commit himself to a process of naturalization modeled after that in the United States and the entire Western world. All Arabs living in Israel have citizenship and representation locally and in the Knesset. Israel is the most multi-racial and multi-ethnic country there is. If the Arabs would stop engaging in indiscriminate knifings of Israeli civilians and end acts of terrorism, they could stop whining about the fear which many Israelis feel toward them. There are so many opportunities in a country of such diversity.

The Credi credo is "Defame Israel, Jews and Zionism (the national liberation movement of the Jewish people) as much as possible." This because a lie, told often enough, and in writing, will eventually remain in the memory of the reader.

If the Arabs were to end their state of war with Israel, they could stop hating Jews, a hatred which must be difficult to live with. They could then work at creating at least one democracy, and stop bringing terrorism, war and devastation upon innocent civilians.

I do not think that Medhat Credi has much to teach Israel about democracy. His mind is too clouded by raw bigotry and hatred. The fact that 200 million Arabs refuse to live alongside 4 million Jews shows the need for intensive, long-term psychotherapy in the Arab world. Any volunteers?

Betty Berenson, Scarsdale

April 26, 1991

For a rebuttal see [23]