23. Israel apologist distorts truth

I have seen lots of fact-distortions cunningly devised by apologists of Israel, and I have seen few of them unskillfully devised. Betty Berenson's fact distortions in her letter of April 26 [22] fall in the second category.

She accuses Medhat Credi (April 17 letter [21]) of expressing "another lie of Arab propaganda" and goes on saying "the truth is that Israel grants citizenship to all refugees... All Arabs living in Israel have citizenship." What did Mr. Credi say in his letter that can be qualified as a "lie"? He said: "Palestinian Christians and Muslims living within Israel's boundaries have Israeli citizenship" and he added "but not Israeli nationality." It doesn't take a literary critic to see that it is Betty Berenson who is lying--by omission, a classical example of how Israeli propaganda distorts what other people say and a phenomenon that has reached pathological proportions.

[The rest of her letter, crammed with gratuitous accusations that discredit only those who make them, is just standard verbiage used by blind supporters of Israel to dilute the facts when they run out of arguments. If telling the truth means, in the eyes of Betty Berenson and the pro-Israelis, to defame Israel, so be it, because it is about time for the American people to know the truth about Israel, "a deeply anti-Christian country", according to Joseph Sobran, which "has eliminated the plus sign from math textbooks because the plus sign (yes, this: +) looks like a cross!" Is this fact another lie of "Arab propaganda?"]

May 15, 1991