45. Anti-Zionists spread bigotry

The letter from Johanna Militano of Brewster [33] shows us the extent to which apparent logic and perversion of history can be used to demonize the Jewish people and Zionism, our movement of national liberation. In spite of the number of times that our people were conquered and dispersed, there remained a constant Jewish presence in Israel. Jerusalem, or Zion, holds a central place in our cultural, religious and educational center.

Ms. Militano need make no assumptions about the condition of the land of Israel before the miraculous ingathering of her people. The land was mostly barren, swamp and malaria-ridden, with parasitic absentee landlords and nomadic tribes. Jews reclaimed the land from the abuse and neglect of colonial powers. To verify this statement, one need only compare the standard of living of Israelis (Jews, Muslims, and Christians) with that of the citizens of any non-oil producing Arab country. If the Arabs had been tolerant and less fanatical, all could have lived happily in one country without Arab violence.

All countries exist for their national groups. Israel's purpose has been repeatedly demonstrated to the world: the saving of the Jewish remnant from Europe; the welcoming of Jews from Arab countries who left everything and had to start over; rescuing of Soviet Jews from the threats of Pamyat; life-saving flights into Iran during the revolution; and, most recently, the massive airlift of the Ethiopians.

Does Ms. Militano feel that the United States should have denied aid to post-war Europe because Italy, Ireland and France are Catholic countries, England is Anglican, and Germany Lutheran?

Judaism is not merely a religion; we are a nation. It is the goal of Jew-haters to make Zionism a dirty word, and to create a wedge between American and Israeli Jews. They love misquoting our leaders in order to justify bigotry.

Betty Berenson, Scarsdale

June 26, 1997

For a rebuttal see [46] and [47]