48. Israel-bashers show ignorance

I have come to believe that in replying to letters such as Mr. Credi's [39] and Ms. Militano's [33] I am not so much defending Judaism as venting a selfish, personal abhorrence for ignorance.

Mr. Credi questions Israel's desire for a just peace, as well as its willingness to make concessions. Concessions are normally the result of direct negotiations and he forgets that despite numerous invitations, not one Arab country has agreed to negotiate directly with Israel.

He questions the historical movement of Jews into Palestine, but forgets that this was not at the expense of moving Palestinians out --rather, they left under orders from the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, in order to facilitate the promised immediate destruction of Israel.

He robotically quotes U.N. Resolution 242, "the inadmissibility of the acquisition of territory by war." He forgets that the war was started by his Arab friends in order to destroy Israel and acquire its land, nor does he choose to remember that the Palestinians, despite 242, had no problem backing Iraq in its acquisition of Kuwait.

He calls on Israel to accept "international justice" from the same panel who, under pressure from OPEC, the Soviet Union and the Iron Curtain countries, labeled Zionism (Israel) as racism. This to a country that a few weeks ago, at great risk and at great cost, quietly airlifted 20,000 Ethiopian Jews who would have been slaughtered while the world sat back and watched. What other country would have welcomed them either as Jews or as blacks? There are many mosques and churches in Israel; Muslim, Christian and Jew practice freely. Where in the Middle East can a Jew find a synagogue? Where can we practice freely, or even visit?

Ms. Militano is concerned about "historic" claims to the Holy Land. The origins of Judaism are in the Holy Land --do we now deny that both the original Christians and Muslims were converted from Judaism?

Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and Brazil are all declared Catholic countries; the United Kingdom is officially Church of England; Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan are declared theocratic Muslim countries; Thailand is declared Buddhist; Germany is Protestant --what is so terrible about a Jewish country?

Lawrence Fishkind, Yorktown Heights

June 27, 1991

For a rebuttal see [49]