53. Israel undeserving of loan guarantee

I stand in awe at the way Israel and its supporters in this country manipulate the media to deceive the American people. We keep hearing and reading that the $10 billion loan guarantee is for "humanitarian reasons," as your September 14 editorial put it. When one hears "humanitarian" the first things that come to mind are: food, medicine, tents, blankets, etc. But this is not the case here. Zalman Shoval, the Israeli ambassador to the United States, said that "one-third (of the money) is going to go up for industry, one-third is going to be for mortgages, one-third is going to infrastructure." How about some "humanitarian" aid of this kind here at home?

It should be added that Israel has already received $5.6 billion from the U.S. taxpayers in this year alone. That amount includes the annual $3.2 billion of economic and military aid, $650 million as compensation for Israel's "pain and suffering" during the gulf war, $700 million in military transfers since the invasion of Kuwait and $400 million in housing guarantees. In his last news conference, President Bush said that "the United States provided ... nearly $1,000 for every Israeli man, woman and child" (actually the figure is much higher). It is almost obscene to ask for more, bearing in mind that the United States provided less than $1 for every African man, woman and child. If there is one single country in this world that should not be granted more aid of any kind for any reason, it is definitely Israel.

October 7, 1991