58. Vanessa Redgrave

As a member of the UN Society of Writers, I have written to Mr. Hans Janitschek, President of the Society, protesting the accolades recently awarded to Vanessa Redgrave by the group.

Among her other expressions of anti-Semitic views, Ms. Redgrave has publicly supported the terrorist cause directed against the Member State of Israel and the goal of its destruction.

In my letters, to Mr. Janitschek, whom I regard as a sort of confrère and certainly a gifted administrator and diplomat, I made the point that if Ms. Redgrave were by blood a party to the Arab-Israeli conflict, as a former Political Affairs Officer with the Department of Political and Security Council Affairs, I might suffer less. But she is not, and I am severely wounded by the arbitrary selection of this woman for distinction. The fact that the Editor of the NATION was a part of the ceremony does not relieve my pain. It suggests to me the depth of the Society's search for an appropriate cover for its insensitive action.

Gloria Smith

August 1991

For a reply see [59]