61. Israel lobby smearing opponents

The accusations of anti-Semitism are getting more and more laughable with every passing day. Everyone who criticizes Israel is automatically an anti-Semite, from the simple letter-writer all the way to the president. The objective of the pro-Israeli lobby is clear: use the anti-Semitic smear to intimidate the critics of Israel and ultimately to silence them. Oftentimes, this tactic has worked, but not with those who know the stratagem.

This objective is achieved by cultivating a subtle and detestable confusion: When you criticize Israel you are criticizing the Jewish state. By criticizing the Jewish state you are criticizing the Jewish people and Judaism. Therefore, you are an anti-Semite. Rosenthal did it to Buchanan. James Davidson did it to McGrory in his October 9 letter. Rehavam Ze'evi, a minister without portfolio in the Israeli government, did it to the president of the United States. What is laughable about this accusation is that the Israelis themselves are using it against each other. Hasidic rabbis and their followers, in protesting a new road that runs alongside their neighborhoods in Jerusalem, were shouting at the police "Nazis!" and "Anti-Semites!"

It is rather distressing to see Israel and its supporters stoop that low. They cannot present their case based on its own merit. They have to resort to this disgusting smear. Remember the 1,200 lobbyists who literally invaded 226 House and 60 Senate offices on Capitol Hill to press their case against President Bush's call for a 120-day delay? "These were ordinary peoples exercising their political rights," said the New York Jewish Week. But when Bush exercised his political right as president of the United States in charge of foreign policy, he became an anti-Semite. "A delegate from a large Midwestern city," reported the paper, had this to say: "I don't want to call it anti-Semitism---but he certainly pushed some buttons that will reinforce the impression that there's an omnipotent Israeli lobby that's only interested in Israel." This delegate is absolutely right. This incident shows more clearly than ever the lobby in its true light: a pressure group that places the interest of a foreign country above that of the United States, and that plays politics at the lowest level imaginable to get what it wants.

November 20, 1991
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