62. Loan guarantees are humanitarian

Medhat Credi, my Arab cousin, has once again graced the pages of this paper (November 20 letter [61]) with his boundless hatred of Israel and her American supporters. Those of us who were on Capitol Hill lobbying for the humanitarian loan guarantees to absorb hundreds of thousands of refugees from Ethiopia, the Soviet Union, and elsewhere, were joined by many Christian supporters. We were exercising our democratic rights, as do any number of groups in this country. The fact that the Bush administration has chosen to use the needs of refugees as a political club against Israel's leadership does not discredit the crucial needs of housing, jobs, education and health care for people whom this President helped to free.

Since there is no democratic tradition of Arabs welcoming their brothers with social services, perhaps Medhat Credi does not understand the immediacy of this situation. Clearly, he does not wish Israel and Jews well. We Americans of all ethnic backgrounds have relatives and emotional roots in many parts of the world. Arab propaganda would have us believe that only the loyalty of Jews to this country should be questioned. This is anti-Semitism.

Actually, the building, banking and other American industries will see a boom when Israel begins to spend her co-signed loans. A plan good for both democracies!

Betty Berenson, Scarsdale

November 27, 1991

For a rebuttal see [64]