64. Israel supporters add to confusion

In her November 27 letter [62], Betty Berenson called Medhat Credi her "Arab cousin" which brings up an interesting point. Is she a Sephardic (Semitic) or Ashkenazi (East European) Jew? And are the European Jews really Semitic --like the Arabs, who are native to the Middle East? If a person is accused of anti-Semitism, doesn't this mean that the person is anti-Arab? This debate could turn into the semantics of Semitics.

On December 12, James Davidson [63], also answering Credi's letter of November 20 [61] (in which Credi complains of the charge of anti-Semitism being used so freely it has come to the point of being laughable), adds to the confusion with his asserting that he did not accuse Mary McGrory of anti-Semitism and then proceeds to report what he did say: "I did compare the tone and substance of President Bush's remarks and expressed my concern that this kind of article would contribute to more anti-Semitism hate mail," which still sounds as though he is accusing McGrory of anti-Semitism.

What is more confusion is Berenson's assurance that, with the U.S. government co-signing Israel's $10 billion loan guarantees, certain segments of the bankrupt U.S. "will see a boom when Israel begins to spend her co-signed loans." This should come as a relief to Alan Greenspan's Federal Reserve, which up until now hasn't been able to jump- start the economy --a situation which has so worried middle-class taxpayers that they don't think any of this is a joke.

January 14, 1992