80. Attack on Credi unwarranted

Letters to the editor such as that of Ed Krauss (June 25 [78]) add little to rational discourse on the complicating subject of the Middle East. His intemperate and ad hominemattacks on Medhat Credi hardly veil an hysteria that often clouds the issue. Whether one agrees with Mr. Credi or not, his presentations are always calm, lucid and well-documented.

Readers like Mr. Krauss should understand that one need not be a "bigot" or "anti-Israel" to criticize the behavior of a nation or some of its citizens. There are, for instance, many Israelis of conscience who deplore the treatment of the Palestinian people. Does that mean they hate their country?

[Simply stating that Israel "respects the holy places of all religions" flies in the face of the recent joint statement of the Orthodox, Protestant and Catholic Patriarchs and Heads of Christian Churches in Jerusalem enumerating such abuses as the occupation of the St. John's Hospice adjoining the Holy Sepulcher, the limiting of freedom of access to the Holy places, the stabbing of the Syrian Catholic Patriarchal Vicar and assault on his convent, the vandalizing of Byzantine mosaics, the bulldozing of numerous Christian archeological sites for highway, etc. Obviously, all is not balm in Gilead, Mr. Krauss.]

Rather than heap insults and scorn on Mr. Credi, readers should welcome the intelligent, moderate and rational contributions of a Medhat Credi to a complex issue. In fairness, he deserves to be heard when he speaks out for those who in this country all too often have no voice.

Richard E. Cross, Tarrytown

July 3, 1992