91. The reason for Israel

In a rebuttal to Aly Abul Kheir's letter of February 24 [90] regarding the Jewish makeup of Israel: The reason for this makeup is very simple, and surely does not take an "Einstein" to solve it.

Israel was re-established as a haven and homeland for the Jewish people, those who are practicing and non-practicing Jews.

It was established so that "never again" would Jewish lives and culture be snuffed out as the world watches and turns its head.

Can Jews live without harassment in Arab lands? No.

Could Jews be allowed to live at all, regardless if they were practicing Jews or not, in the Europe of the 1930s and 1940s? No. They were butchered.

Could Jews live as Jews in the former Soviet Union or Ethiopia? No. They fled when possible.

Mr. Abul Kheir is using the old smokescreen of Arab governments that say it is unjust that Israel is a Jewish state. (The real reason is that they feel it is unfair that Israel exists at all.)

Meanwhile in Israel, Muslims and Christians prosper more certainly that anywhere else in the Middle East as far as basic human rights.

Can Jews prosper, and build synagogues and communities in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Iraq, Algeria, Lebanon, Syria, Sudan, Iran, Libya, Yemen, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and Pakistan?

It is a disgrace that so many Palestinians live in the squalor of refugee camps. Their "brother Arabs," however, have kept them there for political and propaganda purposes.

Why, after 40 years, haven't they helped them settle in the Palestinian homeland that does exist and is primarily populated with the Palestinian people: that homeland is Jordan.

Sheldon Linden, Larchmont

March 5, 1993

For a rebuttal see [92]