[95. Rewriting the history of Palestine

As a faithful apologist of Israel, Ralph Krainin took upon himself to rewrite history (April 20 letter [93]). Unscrupulously, he writes: "As Jews returned to Israel, they bought the land, which they reclaimed from 2,000 years of neglect" overlooking the fact that it was to Palestine under British mandate that the European Jews were immigrating and not Israel which didn't even exist at that time.

Furthermore, he gives the impression that the whole country was bought by those Jewish immigrants while in fact by 1948, the year Israel was created, just over 6 percent of the total land area of Palestine, and under 20 percent of its cultivable land, had come into Jewish hands. Which means that nearly 94 percent of the land area of Palestine and over 80 percent of its cultivable land were in Arab hands. These statistics show the enormity of the injustice of the 1947 partition plan which gave 52 percent of Palestine to the Jews who, at that time, constituted just one third of the population, while only 48 percent went to the indigenous Palestinians.

April 30, 1993]