112. Entitled to a homeland

In his letter of September 20 [111], Medhat Credi observes that George Will and Cal Thomas "reveal a clear indication of their way of thinking." It certainly does! But to call them "flawed" and "rehashing" certainly reveals a clear indication of Mr. Credi's thinking.

Israel has fought five wars to maintain a small living space for world Jewry. It certainly is a very small space-----about the size of New Jersey. This compares to the Arab world, which consist of 42 countries and their untold oil wealth. the area of these countries is substantially larger than the United States. History has shown that in every generation, Jews have had to face severe persecution and are entitled to have a homeland as a Jewish sanctuary.

Arabs have 42 choices to go to, in case of emergency, including the Palestinian state of Jordan. Fortunately for the Arabs, most of the persecution they face is from other Arabs.

Mr. Credi as a student of history, knows that the indigenous Palestinian population includes Jews who have always lived there going back 4,000 years, as described in the Bible. the other indigenous population was roving Bedouin tribes. A large number of Arabs currently living in Israel came to the area when the early Zionist pioneers flourished and had need for workers. The new Palestinians came because there were jobs to be filled.

The "peace" requires Israel to give up land and security to people whose history of relations has been violent and cruel. In return, the PLO gives "promises" and continues to make unreasonable demands.

Regarding the sentiments of Medhat Credi gives me the sad feeling that the recognition ceremony is not as encouraging as one would have hopped.

Larry Newman, Katonah

October 5, 1993

For a rebuttal see [113]