118. Distortion of facts

ý[After the NAFTA debate, George Will characterized Ross Perot as follows: "He is not just hostile to the truth ... Perot is indifferent to the truth." The same applies to Edith Parker. She is also immune and impervious to the truth.]

In her November 11 letter [117], she referred to the Palestine Royal Commission Report of 1937 and said that statistics published in the Report "indicated that Palestine, traditionally a country of Arab emigration, became after World War I a country of Arab immigration." A whole chapter in the Report (chapter X) is devoted to "Immigration" and nowhere is such a ridiculous assertion "indicated."

Then she put the "recorded immigrant figures for 1920-1936" at "approximately 250,000" without specifics to mislead the reader. Chapter X of the Report gives the exact number of the authorized immigration for each year of this period. The total for non-Jews (Arabs and non-Arabs) is 19,073 and for Jews, 282,645. These figures eloquently belie Ms. Parker. Palestine rather became a country of Jewish immigration against the will of the Arab majority.

She also wrote that the Report "cited the illegal Arab immigration" and added that the "estimates vary between 60,000 and 100,000." Chapter X has, indeed, a sub-section (b) on "Arab Illegal Immigration," but no figures are given for the simple reason that Arab illegal immigration, according to the Report, "is mainly casual, temporary and seasonal."

Not so with "Jewish Illegal Immigration," which the Reportestimates at 400,000, [which shows how outrageous the estimates given by Ms. Parker and mentioned in the previous paragraph.]

What the Report does not mention, however, is that most of the 282,645 Jews who migrated to Palestine during that period in an attempt to upset the demographic composition of the country were allowed in under a conspiracy between the British government and the Zionist movement to create a status quo in Palestine that would enable the Jew to grab the land that belonged to the Arab Palestinians.

While Ms. Parker insults the reader intelligence by concluding that "it is impossible" for the Palestinian Arabs to "have been living there for centuries," The Report state just that: "The Arabs had lived in it (Palestine) for centuries" (Chapter II, para. 48).

November 24, 1993

For a reply see [122]and [125]