122. Letter untruthful

We are blessed with a First Amendment to our Constitution that somehow allows revisions of history to appear in your newspaper.

In November 22 letter [116], Medhat Credi conveniently omitted the facts that the Arab nations were fully mobilized and were publicly declaring that they would "drive Israel into the sea." Also omitted was that Israel's attack on Syrian and Egyptian military positions were merely pre-emptive, as those positions were ready to attack Israel.

In his November 24 letter [118], Farouk Ebeid writes about a conspiracy between "the British government and the Zionist movement." Any student of history will see that is ridiculous. The "Zionist movement" and those who wanted a home for the displaced and threatened persons were hindered by the British government's actions. The conspiracy between the British government and the Arabs is what forced the ban on Jewish immigration in 1939 and hindered it after World War II.

One can, and should, be a spokesman for his constituency, but one must be truthful and candid.

Philip M. Schlussel, White Plains

December 9, 1993

For a rebuttal see [123]