124. Fading peace hopes

What sad letters ([113], [115], [116] and [118]) are being published from the "Eradicate Israel" delegation in Westchester.

These should be optimistic times for a possible breakthrough in the Middle East impasse. For the first time, the Palestinians have agreed to sit down with the Israelis to work out a peace plan.

Instead, since the peace handshake in Washington, all we get from the Westchester Palestinian supporters is the same old propaganda.

Israel has offered concrete concessions in return for promises of "intentions." They have offered; to give up land in Gaza and Jericho; withdrawal of their armies from those areas; help to raise money---and actually committed hundreds of millions of dollars toward rebuilding the economy and infrastructure; released prisoners; offered to allow Palestinians to completely run governmental social, educational, health and public services.

Israel did all this and more for the promise that the Palestinians would stop the terror and killing of both their own people and of Israelis; the Palestinian Nation Charter would be changed to eliminate their offensive raison d'être: the complete obliteration of the "Zionist enemy"; the Palestinians would create a climate to encourage all Arab countries and their leaders to accept, trade and live in harmony with their Israeli neighbors.

To date, there has been no progress made on these promises. Actually, the opposite is true. The killings and terror are more rampant than ever. No move had been even talked about in reference to changing their Charter. And instead of encouraging trade and peaceful acceptance of the Israelis, the PLO has actually pleaded with the Arab countries not to lift their embargo and not to do business with Israel.

For these reasons, supported by the plethora of negative "hateful" letters by the Arab community to this paper, I can only see negative signs toward the success that the American people would like to see. How sad!

Lawrence M. Newman, Katonah

December 9, 1993

For a rebuttal see [126]