125. Arab did attack

I'd like to answer two recent letters.

Medhat Credi totally reviled history in his letter of November 22 [116]. He stated, "As a matter of fact, Arab countries never attacked Israel."

In 1948, Arab nations attacked the new state of Israel. On April 16, 1948, Jamal Hussein told the U.N. Security Council, "We did not deny (that Arabs attacked) ... we told the whole world we were going to fight."

In 1967, Egypt, joined by Syria,, Jordan, Iraq and others, moved vastly superior forces to Israel's borders, and forced the removal of U.N. peace-keeping forces, and started to bombard Israeli territory. Leaders of Syria, Egypt, and Iraq all announced "readiness to launch a total war which will result in the extermination of the Zionist existence." Israel did not cooperate, and launched a pre-emptive strike to repel the armies massed against her.

On Yom Kippur 1973, Egypt, Syria and allies launched a sneak attack. They expected to find Israeli at prayer and defenseless. They nearly succeeded.

Another letter of historical fiction was written by Farouk Ebeid (November 24 [118]). He claimed a conspiracy between "the British government and the Zionist movement" "to allow a Zionist grab of Arab lands." Wow, a real whopper! The British gave two-thirds of the Zionists' dream to Saudi Hashemites to create Jordan. The British denied entry to Israel by Holocaust survivors. They turned their fortifications over to Arabs. They vetoed countless Security Council resolutions to halt Arab aggression and terrorism against Israel! Some conspiracy.

Ralph Krainin, Rye Brook

December 22, 1993

For a rebuttal see [126]