177. Letter writer's comments twisted by hatred

As I sat at my Passover seder, I could not get Medhat Credi's astringent letter [176] out of my head. His continued an ongoing propaganda- distorting fact and promoting fiction- somehow was more distasteful this time than at any time in the past.

His theme of "euphemisms" and his "frank" calling a "spade a spade", conjured up the Goebbels approach to verbal warfare of the Nazi era. This faux lexicographer with a convoluted presentation of revisionist history equates Israel's self-defense against the armies of virtually the entire Arab world with ethnic cleansing. He puts the word democracy in quotes when applying it to Israel. How revealing of his blind hatred that he can't even acknowledge the undeniable: Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East.

I do agree "a lexicon is needed to translate the euphemisms." How "oxymoronic": Peace process applied to the PLO, a terrorist organization committed to exterminate the Jews. How euphemistic: Palestine "Liberation" Organization, when applied to warmongers demanding return of territory lost due to losing their war of aggression.

How sad, that even now, more than 50 years later, when the two sides are negotiating a settlement, his unadulterated hatred continues unabated. Could it be a mirror of the real feelings of Arafatites? And if so, what chance does peace really have?

Ed Krauss
Scarsdale, April 26, 2000

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