178. Letter was nothing but name-calling

On a scale from zero to 10, Ed Krauss' letter (April 26) [177] would get a 9 on name-calling and zero on substance. While he has accused Medhat Credi (April 19 letter)[176], of "blind hatred," "unadulterated hatred," of being a "warmonger," of using "verbal warfare," and even going so far as to bring up the "Nazi era" into the picture, he didn't go far enough and use the "anti-Semite" label to merit a perfect score on name-calling.

The zero on substance is well deserved. Not only did he not challenge any of the facts in Mr. Credi's letter he didn't even deny them. His reference to "Israel's self-defense against the armies of virtually the entire Arab world" does not explain why Israel had to expel the Palestinians from their homeland, which can only be interpreted as ethnic cleansing. Also unchallenged was Israel's use of torture, hostage taking and committing aggression.

At the end of his letter, Mr. Krauss wonders "what chance does peace really have?" None, if it is not based on justice. As long as Israel does not come to grips with the fact that there is another people with an equal right to live in its homeland enjoying full sovereignty, whatever peace is achieved with the "Arafatites" will be a fake peace. Israel being the stronger party will bear the responsibility for and the consequences of such a failure.

May 3, 2000