180. A real or fake peace at Camp David

What are the prospects of the summit meeting that will take place in Camp David? It depends on what the summiteers want to achieve: a real peace or a fake peace.

If it is a real peace then Arafat’s job is the easiest. Simply put, Arafat, and the Palestinians UNITED behind him, wants back the territories occupied by Israel in 1967. Nothing less, nothing more, and in return they are willing to enter in all kinds of arrangements in terms of security, border crossing etc. The peace is doomed if Arafat, under pressure, accepts less.

Barak’s predicament is much more complicated. Barak wants an agreement that would “end” the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The problem is that Barak, and the Israelis DIVIDED behind him, is not ready to do what it takes to achieve this goal. They still have not made the qualitative shift in their minds and in their behaviors.

Their dilemma is this: they want separation from the Palestinians but they don’t want to separate themselves from the land on which almost three million Palestinians live. There are Israelis who say they want a “Jewish state” not “a state of all its citizens;” and there are those who say why is it that Israel is the only country that is requested to return the spoils of war?

It’s not a real peace that the Israelis are ready for, but a fake one.

July 11, 2000