185. Critic of Israel discredits himself

In his letter of Aug. 24 [184], Medhat Credi made an appalling statement about the author of an earlier letter to the editor.  He wrote: "Unfortunately, like all Israel's supporters, she reverts to a typical ruse-- twisting the truth."

There (are) many supporters of Israel, as well as many critics of Israel, who "twist the truth."  Fortunately, there are also many supporters and critics of Israel who, despite their differences, comment with integrity. If Mr. Credi does not know this, he is too ignorant to warrant notice.  If he does know this, he is too dishonest to warrant notice.

Sadly, by his own words, Mr. Credi discredits himself as a fair commentator on these important issues. I look forward to hearing from others, who share Mr. Credi's political views, but who are better qualified to engage in constructive and responsible dialogue.

August 26, 2000
Joel Negrin, Mamaroneck

For a rebuttal, see [186]