186. Name-calling serves no purpose

Joel Negrin's personal attack on Medhat Credi (letter of Aug. 26 [185]) contributes little to rational discourse. No light is thrown upon such a thorny subject as the Middle East by Mr. Negrin's ad hominem invective.Instead of addressing the issue raised by Mr. Credi he resorts to quoting him out of context in an effort to discredit him.The context, in this instance, is the letters already printed in this paper on this subject.

Labeling one's adversary "ignorant" or "dishonest" requires little imagination. Mr. Negrin would do well to emulate Mr. Credi  by giving sources and citing factual references (as Mr. Credi always does) rather than resort to vapid name calling.Focus on the issue at hand, state an opinion, back it up with facts and authority, that's the difference between intellectual endeavor and mindless mud slinging.

Those who do not stick to the issues and follow the approach adopted by Mr. Negrin, most likely are not convinced of the righteousness of their cause. They are either bothered by, or afraid of the truth. Their biggest fear is that the public will finally learn the truth.

September 6, 2000