188. Shame on Israel for its action

Note: the parts that are underlined and in bold are the parts deleted by the editor.

Shame on a country that uses its army against civilians. Shame on an army that uses its tanks, combat helicopters and anti-tank missiles against a civilian population. This country is Israel and this army is the IDF, which should stand for Israeli Disgraceful Forces. The excuse was that elements of Palestinians police used their weapons. What a lame excuse to compare armed elements defending their fellow Palestinians against the fourth strongest army in the world. President Chirac of France was right when he said “one does not fight against popular emotions with tanks.”

Shame on an army that uses live ammunition against its own unarmed civilian citizens just because they are not Jews. Never in its over 52 year history did Israel use live ammunition or even rubber-coated metal bullets against its Jewish citizens, like the right-wing Zo Artzeinu group when they blocked highways to protest the peace process.

Israeli-Arabs demonstrated out of solidarity with their brethren and especially out of frustration for being systematically discriminated against by their own country. Shame on a country that allocates less in its budget to non-Jewish sectors than what it allocates to Jewish ones. Israeli-Arabs constitute the country’s poorest sector. Their schools are overcrowded, villages still feature open sewage and unpaved roads and unemployment runs high.

If this is the way Israel treats its own non-Jewish citizens can we expect anything different in the way it treats the Palestinians in the occupied territories?

October 10, 2000

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