189. Palestinians reap what they've sown

After reading Aly Abuyl-Kheir's letter [188] shaming Israel for its action against civilians, I was wondering whrere his letters were when the Palestinian terrorists killed seven members of the Israeli Olympic team in 1972. Where was his letter when the Palestinians murdered 16 women and children in Kiryot Shomona in 1974? Where was his letter when the Palesinians killed 21 children in a school in Maalot? Where was his letter when Arab gunmen killed 37 people on a bus in March 1978? Maybe he should have written that one good turn deserves another.

October 15, 2000
Larry Greeene, Yorktown Heights

Mr. Green seems to take it as a personal offense to criticize Israel and its army. Is he one of those who suffer from a complex of dual loyalty? After all, the letter is not about the United States and its army.