199. Land obtained due to Arab aggression

Regarding Alaa Youssef’s Jan.10 letter [198] : Among those who “don’t get it,” PLO advocates “don’t get it” the most. United Nations Resolution 242 (and all of the other anti-Israel U.N. resolutions) are not the basis of Middle East peace negotiations. And, if they were, this is the first time in seven years they are mentioned.

The acquisition of the lands in question was accomplished by defeating the Arabs’ 1948 war of aggression yielding them East Jerusalem. If, as Lord Caradon states, “you can’t justify holding onto territory merely because you conquered it,” England should get out of Northern Ireland, we should return California and Texas to Mexico, Russia should get out Chechnya and Jordan should cease to exist because it is a contrivance of British perfidy.

The so-called “peace process’ has been a give-an-take – Israel gives, Arafat takes, and still wants more. After seven years it is abundantly clear that Arafat does not want “piece,” he want the whole thing, right to the Mediterranean. As to abiding by resolutions, Arafat has a history of not keeping his word – to Israelis and to his brethren. His word is as solid as the sand he stands on.

Ed Krauss, Scarsdale
January 12, 2001

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