200. 'Spoils fo war' excuse no longer acceptable

For once, Ed Krauss in his latest letter (Jan. 12) [199] did not resort to ad hominem attacks. This is about the only thing sound in his letter.

He solemnly declares that UN resolution 242 is not the basis for Middle East peace negotiations. His proof is that it has not been mentioned for the last seven years. Israel, of course, doesn't mention 242 because it destroys the "spoils of war" myth that people like Mr. Krauss espouses. The Palestinian Authority, however, in its written response to Clinton's recent plan stated that "the only successful and permanent peace will be the one that takes into account the concerns of all parties ... within the agreed upon bases for the Palestinian-Israeli negotiations - namely, UN Security Council Resolutions 242 and 338."

Mr. Krauss should realize that after World War II and with the establishment of the United Nations we are living in a new era, one of "inadmissibility of the acquisition of territory by war," according to resolution 242 that Mr. Krauss wants to do away with. Israel and Mr. Krauss need a change of heart if they want to be part of this new era. Nor can Mr. Krauss justify holding onto conquered lands by citing irrelevant examples from a bygone era.

If Jordan is a contrivance of British perfidy, so is Israel. In fact, the whole Middle East is a contrivance of British and French perfidy. Were it not for their machinations the map of today's Middle East would be totally different.

January 16, 2001