202. Occupation must be brought to an end

Lawrence Croenís letter (Feb. 22) reveals the hysterical attitude of Israelís apologists who cannot stand any criticism of their beloved Israel. Ed Kraussís letter of Feb 13 falls in the same category.
No matter what Israelís apologists say, the bare truth is that the Palestinians of the West Bank and Gaza are resisting a military occupation imposed on them by an army whose designation should not be IDF, Israel Defense Forces but IOF, Israel Occupation forces.
Israeli journalist, Akiva Eldar, reported that, during a debate in the Israeli cabinet over a document listing Palestinian violations, Israel's foreign minister, Shlomo Ben Ami, acknowledged that the Palestinians are under occupation: "Accusations made by a well-established society about how a people it is oppressing is breaking the rules to attain its rights do not have much credence."
ďThis tiny nationĒ Mr. Croen is talking about is in fact a nuclear power. Nuclear power, however, is worthless against the demographic power. Palestinians now number 4 million between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River (3 million under occupation and a million treated as third class citizens in Israel). Non-Palestinians number 4.7 million (4 million Jews and 0.7 million non-Jews, mainly Russians). It is estimated that by 2010 Palestinians will constitute 50% and by 2045 they will form a majority of 75%.
The sooner Israel and Israelís supporters absorb these figures the better. They will then search for a real solution for occupation, not a series of long-term interim agreements, as Sharon is proposing.

March 2, 2001