203. Arabs really want to destroy Israel

In response to the Feb.25 "Community View" by Sofia Din, the supporters of the Arab point of view continue to obscure the truth to hide their real objective. The Arabs do not want a Palestinian state; instead they want the elimination of Israel. Here is the proof: from 1948 through 1967, the Arabs controlled the West Bank (Jordan), the eastern part of Jerusalem (Jordan), and Gaza (Egypt). Why didn't they work towards the creation of a state of Palestine then? There were obstacles to Palestinian self-determination at that point in those regions-if that was the goal.

The question is, then, waht is the true goal of the Arabs? Is it a Palestinian state? No, because if it was, they would have established it in 1948. Is the goal the resettlement of the refutees? No, because if it was they would have resettled the Arab refugees the way the Israelis resettled the Jewish refugees From Arab stares-and the way other populations have been resettled over the course of history. What does that leave as a motivation? Clearly, one answer: The goal of the Arabs is to eliminate Israel through whatever means possible (terrorism, sham peace talks, wars, clamoring for a right of return). It is a strategy that Israel can, must and will resist because it has no choice.

February 27, 2001
Andrew J. Neff, New Rochelle

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