[207. Compassion is not Israel's reason for solving the refugees' problem
In his March 2 letter [205], G.D. Lewit is blaming the Arab states for turning their back on the Palestinian refugees instead of integrating them in their societies.
It is doubtful that Mr. Lewit is interested in the well-being of the Palestinian refugees. If he were, he would have called for their return to their homes and would have blamed instead those who were responsible for making them refugees. Israel did everything possible to get rid of as many Palestinians as possible from the areas it controlled after the war of 1948. Yigal Yadin, who was chief of staff in 1949 and later a minister declared that “An Arab minority, small or large, in time of war as in time of peace, is a danger for Israel.”
What Mr. Lewit is rather interested in is for the problem of the refugees to vanish, thinking that if the problem is solved than Israel won’t be held responsible of the crime of ethnic cleansing. This can be compared to a criminal who thinks that by eliminating the trace of his crime he can consider himself innocent. Israel is asking the Arab countries to absorb the Palestinian refugees, whereby the trace of the crime will be eliminated. Barak has already made it clear in Camp David II negotiations that Israel refuses to recognize its responsibility in creating the problem of the refugees in 1948.
This should not deter the international community of holding Israel responsible for its crimes. It should also force it to pay compensation for the victims.

To say the least, Mr. Lewit's new-found compassion is misplaced.]

March 7, 2001