209. Israel fighting to maintain occupation
In his reply to Victor Lama's letter "Israeli army terror intensifies" (Apr.25), Rudolph Masry writes (May 1) that "The Israelis are fighting for their lives." Mr. Lama had referred to a report by an American free-lance reporter stating that "Israeli army shoots at journalists, doctors, ambulances and human rights workers on a regular basis." Is this the way the Israelis are fighting for their lives?

The truth of the matter is that the Israelis are not fighting for their lives; they are fighting to perpetuate an occupation. If Sharon and company  would come to their senses and accept the huge compromise the Palestinians  made, which is giving up 78 percent of their homeland to establish their  Palestinian state on only 22 percent of historic Palestine, the Israelis  would not have "to fight for their lives."

Unfortunately, Israel's greed and its colonialistic mentality emanating from its racist Zionist ideology would not let the Palestinians establish their state on this small piece of land without trying to fragment it into bantustans. A bantustan-like state is not a genuine state; it is another form of occupation, as was once practiced in apartheid South Africa.

The Israelis are not fighting for their lives; it is the Palestinians who are trying to free themselves from the tyranny of occupation in order to live a normal life.

May 8, 2001