210. U.S. should withdraw from United Nations
The United Nations has "tipped its anti-American hand" by secretly voting to boot the United States, its principal contributor, for the U.N. Human Rights Commission. Of course, "members in good standing"of this "rights commission" include: Sudan (where Christians are being slaughtered and enslaved by the thousands,) Pakistan (where child labor and child prostitution are thriving,) and Libya (a nation certified as "terrorist" by the U.S. State Department.) All of these nations abuse women, children and ethic minorities. Since the United States is the principal defender of human rights in the world today, Americans should ask: What is the real agenda behind this commission and the United Nations? Further, why should Americans now contribute $680 million in so-called "back-dues" to an organization that so clearly oppose American values?

The only proper response is for the United States to promptly withdraw from the United Nations. This would save us billions in blood and treasure and protect our already-existing freedoms.

Martin Swanson,
May 8, 2001

For a replly, see [211]