68000 Hardware Course

This course covers 68000 hardware in a very simple do-it-yourself approach. It consisted of the PT68K-2 computer (described earlier) in kit form, plus a textbook which is keyed to the kit.

UNFORTUNATELY, neither the kit nor the book is currently available.

FORTUNATELY ... you can read the text of the book online (see below) or print it out yourself.

 The book breaks down the computer system into small, easily understood circuits. Each chapter of the book starts by describing a circuit, how it works, and why each component is there. Then it provides a construction procedure to build that circuit, and finally a test procedure to check it out and see how it works. One customer told us "the explanation of how dynamic RAM works alone is worth the price!"

 You learn about 68000 hardware, and finish with a fully functional 68000 development system capable of running sophisticated software, all at a very reasonable cost.

 The 68000 Hardware Course is no longer available as a bundled set of hardware plus book. But you can read or print the .PDF files (you need Acrobat Reader to do so) by clicking on the links below:


The 68000 Hardware Course is copyright (C) 1988 - 2002 by Peter A. Stark, and All Rights are Reserved.
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 Chapter 0 - Introduction
 Chapter 1 - Overview of a Computer
 Chapter 2 - The Power Supply
 Chapter 3 - LED Indicators
 Chapter 4 - The Reset Circuit
 Chapter 5 - The Master Clock Circuit
 Chapter 6 - 68000 Operation
 Chapter 7 - 68000 Operation in an Open Loop
 Chapter 8 - The MAP Circuit
 Chapter 9 - The Bus Error Circuit
 Chapter 10 - The address Decoder
 Chapter 11 - The DTACK Circuit
 Chapter 12 - ROM and Static RAM
 Chapter 13 - The Magic Moment: First Signs of Life
 Chapter 14 - Serial Interface
 Chapter 15 - PC-Compatible Keyboard
 Chapter 16 - PC-Compatible Bus Connectors
 Chapter 17 - Computer Memories
 Chapter 18 - DRAM Circuitry
 Chapter 19 - Floppy Disk Controller
 Chapter 20 - Parallel Printer Port
 Chapter 21 - Optional -HDO Hard Disk Port
 Chapter 22 - Loose Ends
 Appendix A - SK68K Parts List
 Appendix B - Computer Number Systems
 Appendix C - How to Solder
 Appendix D - Disk Organization