HUMBUG / 68K (R)

In order to operate, every 68K system needs a system monitor in ROM. This monitor program contains the very first instructions performed when the computer is first turned on. It performs the basic initialization of the system which is required to allow it to work, and becomes the `monitor' which oversees the direct operation of the hardware - at least, until such time as you boot a DOS or other application program. The HUMBUG monitor performs that function.


HUMBUG responds to two-letter commands from the keyboard. Although there are slight variations between versions, most versions implement the following commands: To provide a convenient programming interface>, HUMBUG also contains a number of entry points for routines which may be used by user programs. These include the following:


Since HUMBUG directly controls the I/O hardware of the system, it must be customized to the specific system it is to run on. It is currently available on several computer systems (such as the PT68K-2), already configured and installed in an EPROM. In such systems, the price of HUMBUG is already included in the system price.

HUMBUG is also available in a generic source-code version, usable for adaptation to new systems. A source-code version is also supplied with the SK*DOS Configuration Kit. In both forms, the price is $100. The source code is contained on a floppy disk, available in SK*DOS, MS-DOS, or Flex format.

HUMBUG is also available for OEM licensing at attractive terms; contact us for additional information and prices.