The PT68K-4 68000 Computer is a high performance, low cost single-board computer designed for industrial and educational applications.


The PT-68K hardware was a product of Peripheral Systems of Georgia. It may or may not be available at this time.
For availability or further questions, contact Peripheral Technology at,
or call 770-973-2156 (voice) or 770-973-2170 (fax).

The unique feature of the PT68K-4 is that it is designed to be physically and electrically compatible with an `XT-style' motherboard. It fits into the same cabinet, takes the same power supply and keyboard, and its six XT-compatible I/O connectors accept the same expansion cards, such as monochrome or color video boards and hard disk controllers.

On-board is up to 4 megabytes of DRAM, four serial ports, two parallel ports, two floppy disk controllers, clock/calendar chip, programmable timers, and more. Additional I/O interfaces may be plugged into its seven PC/XT-compatible I/O connectors. Teamed with SK*DOS to provide floppy and hard disk support, RAMdisk and disk cache, and other advanced features, the PT68K-4 offers powerful 68000 computing, in kit or wired form, at a very attractive price.

Complete systems mount in an XT-sized `baby-AT style' cabinet with a 150-watt switching power supply. The cabinet includes an LED display panel monitoring power, disk activity, and `HALT' status. The cabinet has space for four half-height floppy or hard disk drives.

The system is operated from an external full-size keyboard and video display. You may use an RS-232C terminal, or any computer having a terminal-emulator program (using the serial interface on the system board). Alternatively, you may use an IBM XT/AT-compatible keyboard and either a monochrome or color video display board and compatible monitor (plugged into the expansion connectors on the system board).

Two floppy interfaces may be mounted on the system board, or an inexpensive external hard disk controller may be used. The PT68K-4 supports the PC/XT-compatibIe Western Digital MFM controller card such as the WD1002-WX2 or WD1002-GEN, which will plug into one of the IBM-compatible I/O slots. Any ST506- or ST412-compatible hard drive up to 64 megabytes can be used; the hard drive format program prompts for drive parameters.

The PT68K-4 is supplied with HUMBUG and a small Basic in ROM, which allows operation of even a minimal system, and supports keyboard and video output. See the separate HUMBUG description elsewhere.

 Prices depend on current DRAM prices and are therefore subject to change. In general, PT68K-4 prices range from $200 (for a minimal kit which includes static RAM and all components to execute HUMBUG, but no dynamic RAM, clock, parallel or expansion ports, and floppy interface), up to approximately $500 for a 1Meg kit which includes the above components and SK*DOS. The minimal kit can be expanded to the full system by simply installing the extra components on the printed circuit board. Assembled versions are also available.

Used/trade-in versions of the PT68K-2, an older unit with a maximum of 1 Meg of DRAM and maximum 10 MHz speed, may be available. We do not manufacture these computers, but will forward your order directly to the manufacturer, Peripheral Technology of Marietta, GA.