NOTE: PC Boards for the SBC-02B are no longer available. We can, however, still supply documentation, some parts, and software.

The SBC-02-B is a single-board computer, using a 6802, which is designed primarily as a controller. That is, it is the ideal system for controlling a burglar alarm, industrial machine, or any other device which would benefit from an intelligent computer.

 The SBC-02-B is a printed-circuit board approximately 5-1/2" by 7", which contains a 6802 processor; the 6802 is similar to a 6800 (a simplified 6809) but contains 128 bytes of built-in RAM. The board also has space for a 2Kx8 or 4Kx8 EPROM, 1K of RAM, one 6821 PIA for up to 20 input/output lines, and a serial RS-232C port which uses two of the PIA lines. Only an external power transformer is required for operation, as the rectifier, filter, and regulator are also onboard. There is also a wire-wrap area which allows you to wire custom interfaces or other circuitry.

 A big feature of the SBC-02-B is its cost - the bare board with full instructions is just $25, and full parts kits are also available starting at $50.

 To support operation of the SBC-02-B, we provide the following software:


System prices are as follows: