SK*DOS/68K (R) Disk Operating System

SK*DOS/68K is a single-user disk operating system for computers using Motorola 68000 family microprocessors. It is ideal for applications in

SK*DOS/68K is available either already configured for various systems, or in a generic version which is easily adapted to run on a variety of other systems from 32K up to many megabytes.

SK*DOS has been adopted by several manufacturers as the DOS of choice for their systems, and is currently running on a wide range of systems, from small 68008 computers up to full-blown 68020 systems.

SK*DOS/68K comes with over 40 commands and system programs, including an editor, assembler, Basic, 6809 emulator, RAMdisk, disk cache, and utilities to read and write MS-DOS disks, copy-by-date, undelete, show differences between files, prompted delete, text file browse, and more.

SK*DOS is written to let you easily access the advanced features of the 68000 processor. For example, a simple program in assembly language to print out your name may take a page or two on other 68000 systems; it takes only six lines under SK*DOS.

Languages and other software, available from other vendors and through public domain sources, include compilers (C, Modula-2, and Whimsical), a full Basic, screen editors, disassemblers, spelling checkers, text formatters, music editors, hard disk managers, and communications programs.


SK*DOS, generic or configured for one of the currently supported systems, $75.

SK*DOS Configuration manual, with source code for monitor and BIOS routines, so standard SK*DOS can be configured for a new system, $25 with (or after) purchase of generic DOS above.

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