Spelling Checkers


Spell 'N Fix II (only available for the CoCo) finds and fixes spelling and typographical errors in your text files, so your printed output looks and is perfect. Completely menu driven - even a child can do it.

Spell 'N Fix II is a joy to use. As it proofreads your text, it shows the text (in full upper and lower case) on the top part of your screen, while looking up every word in its dictionary. When a suspect word is found, you see it in context as part of the text, and Spell 'N Fix II asks you what to do with it. You then decide - let it pass, add it to the dictionary, fix it, or look it up in the dictionary. If the correct spelling is there, you can substitute it with just two key strokes and go on.

Spell 'N Fix II comes with a 20,000+ word dictionary which has been carefully compiled from words commonly used; in addition, you may add your own favorite words (such as names, addresses, or special technical or even foreign words). Spell 'N Fix II requires a minimum of 32K memory and at least one disk drive, and right now is only available for the Color Computer.


SPELL 'N FIX II is only available for the CoCo. It is a "shareware" program. We will send you a disk with Spell 'n Fix II for $2. Try it out for 30 days; if you find it useful, then we ask that you register your copy for $25, and we will send you the full manual and registration. Or send $50 and receive a larger, 40,000-word dictionary as well.


The Original Spell 'N Fix is still available for 6800 and 6809 DOS users, and for CoCo users who do not have disk. The tape version finds errors in your text file and displays them on the screen or printer. Disk versions also add valid words to the dictionary, and correct words in the text file as well.