Welcome to B-Jay Cattery
Welcome to B-Jay Cattery
Siamese, Oriental SH, & Seychellois
NY/USA--Paris France

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2 new B-Jay exports to Finland

Now living at FIN* Ice-Olives
B-Jay Itsey Bitsey Spider OSH c 23 03 Male
Sire B-Jay's Linus SIA n 21
Dam B-Jay's Thaiphoon OSH c 03

B-Jay's Einey Miney Miney Moe SYS n 21 03 Male
Sire B-Jay's Linus SIA n 21
Dam: B-Jay Absinthe OSH b 03

The boys will be at stud, contact Minna Sainio for more information
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New B-Jay Export to Canada

B-Jay Thorin Oakenshield OSH b male
Sire: SGC Closlucile Holdup OSH b 03
Dam: Ashanti van Anatevka OSH c
{short description of image}

Now Living at
Azorez Cattery--BC Canada
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Available Kittens: Tabby Male :
Sire B-Jay's Linus
dam:GC Maracai's Fionna of Y-Not
SYS n 03 Female
Bicolor males sired by Arigato below also
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Arigatoand granddaughter (OSH h 03) Sired by Fearbhail Scherzo (holdup g-grandson (OSH b 03) dam: B-Jays Nijhoni (arigato daughter)OSH j
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Lilac male 3 months

Lilac Female 4 months

Holdup's latest grandson
(12 weeks)

Lilac OSH

Sire: Fighting spirit van anatevka
OSH p (fawn)

Dam B-Jay's BAP (holdup x laika woman)
OSH j (lilac tortie) variant
Holdup pedigree
Laika woman Pedigree

Also available 3 littermates, Cream Male, lilac female, lilac tortie female

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In Memory of SGC Closlucile Holdup
5/5/92 - 20.5.08

  The best friend I ever had, a victim of Chinese greed and total negligence of our FDA  
  In his memory, please boycott ANY Chinese made products. They KILL!  
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Holdup's 16th Birthday cards (5.5.2008)


Nicole Barratt, Kioko Orientals & Siamese

Cattery Luna Queen, Nederland

Cattery Fearbhail, Nederland
thanks for the hundreds of emails
and good wishes from around the world

Holdup's 15th Birthday party (5.5.2007)


15th birthday party at the
Seacoast CC Show 5/5/07

Birthday 'card' from cattery Fearbhail in Netherlands :)))
Link to poster for Holdup's 15th birthdaty party at the Seacoast Cat Club show NH 5/5/07
(best at 1024x768 or larger)

15th birthday party at the
Seacoast CC Show 5/5/07
  Holdup being judged in the veteran's class on his 15th birthday  
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Zeng He Fearbhail Nominated and won BIS at Alkmaar NL, (FIFe) 6-5-2007
AND AGAIN in Hoogwoud, NL (FIFe) 10-6.2007-- 2 Shows, 2 BIS!!!
Sired by Y-Not Diamond Jim (Holdup's grandson)
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Sire: Connemara's Gregor (OSH o)
Dam: Ying-Yang Fearbhail OSH b 03
Announcing Holdup's great grandson Scherzo Fearbhail
OSH b 03 Cinnamon carrier
In the USA now, will be at T'LU cattery in NH
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 introducing our newest
Stud kitten:

B-Jay's Arigato
Choc classic tabby/white
OSH b 22 03

Sire: SGC Closlucile Holdup
Dam: Sinergia Raffia of B-Jay

possible cinnamon carrier
 {short description of image}
7 months
{short description of image}Arigato at 11 months:
Our Latest imports from Netherlands

Fawn OSH p
Fawn OSH p
{short description of image} {short description of image}
Ashanti van Anatevka (f)
Fighting Spirit van Anatevka (m)
From Cattery Anatevka, Den Haag , Netherlands
Sire: Connemara's Gregor
Dam: Chelsea van Dubai Rose
And our newest girl:
Clowntown Laika Woman
OSH red mackerel tabby VARIANT
OSH d 23

 {short description of image} Sire:GR BW Clowntown's Red Alert
Dam:Balinan's Laika Virgin
Howard Webster
Howard Webster/ Larry Levy

photo at 6 months
New Litter from Laika and Arigato!
{short description of image}
{short description of image}
{short description of image}
{short description of image}
{short description of image}
{short description of image}

B-jay cattery has been breeding Siamese since the 1960's and Oriental Shorthairs since the mid 1970's. We breed for health and temperement first, while breeding for the show standards.

{short description of image}{short description of image}
The Love of my life, super bed kitty and superstud
is 16 years old today 5/5/2008

{short description of image}
Photo at 14+ years 23/8/2006

These kittens are from a female sired by Holdup's grandson,

They are at cattery Fearbhail, NL. Holdup is very proud of

Y-Not Diamond Jim and a cinnamon sire, Connemara's Gregor

the next generation of his descendants, and nice cinnamon carriers
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 New litters from Holdup's kittens ! From B-Jay's Milarepa, Netherlands

Cinnamon Female (OSH o)

Chocolate (havana) female

Part of the litter (cinnamon pt siamese)

Fawn Tabby Female (OSH p 22)

Chocolate tabby female
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New Litter from B-Jay's Milarepa
at Cattery Luna Queen (NL)
From B-Jay's Diva Tricolore
at Cattery Anatevka NL
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New litter of kitten in France sired by Y-Not Diamond Jim, Holdup's grandson
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Also New litters From B-Jay Figeroa of Emerald Mist (RI, USA) And B-Jay's Double Dot of Clowntown (AZ USA)
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Last years litter from Holdup and Sinergia Raffia (18.11.05) Last year's litter from Holdup and Elf Dicentra(15.11.05)
{short description of image}
Right Front: Diva Tricolore, Front Center: Milarepa, Right Rear: Arigato
{short description of image}
Right top: Doubledot, Right Bottom: Figeroa

GC Sutter's Dominique of Clowntown at the 'touch of class' show in

Boxboro MA 4/7-8/2007. Dottie is 9 1/2 years old.
{short description of image} {short description of image}
{short description of image} {short description of image}

{short description of image}
B-Jay's Linus Seal Tabbypt Male (CPSH CFA)

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